Day 34 – My Lovely Daughter

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Day 34

My Lovely Daughter,

We have been together for such a long time. I knew you long before. I have seen you grow in so many ways. I have seen your pain, your joys, your starts and your stops. I have seen times when you have been a victim and celebrated you as a victor.

341.jpgI am proud of you and I love you for your very being. You are my joy, you are my smile, and you are my strength. You would not be here today had you not invested and been invested in. Your family, your friends, mentors, colleagues, and even those who have done unthinkable things, they are all part of your victory and should be thanked as well as celebrated.

You have never been alone, I have been with you like the pictures that we have seen in the footprints – ours are bit different – you see there are times when there were just my foot prints, I carried you; times when we walked side by side; times when there were groups of footprints, which were happy joyful times, when all was good and perfect and then very painful times, where you did not faint and have not died. Then there are times, when you walked ahead in another direction, away from me or you just stood still thinking you were shutting all out but I stood just a call away.

342.jpgThis is our journey, it is our love story, it is our beginning and it is never ending. I loved you first; it has been continuous, contiguous and it is a complete love. I know you have searched in others for love, that fairy tale image of love, where there are always wonderful music and no problems. I felt you heart break, as did mine for you and I offered me as solace. I saw you seek love in all types of things, place and people and sent my helpers to surround you to keep you. I saw you doubt yourself and felt unlovable. Those thoughts were deception, designed to steal, kill and destroy your very essence, your soul and that I would not allow – I always found a way to give you light as I collected your tears.

343.jpgNow I see you on this Spirit Woman journey and you are learning finally what I have known. It is not easy and you have work ahead of you, because my voice is not the only voice you still hear, but you are embracing change and that is the very first step. Fear not my love, you are mine, I love you and you are my Vessel of Honor. You are taking the step to fall in love with your face, your body, your mind and your soul. You will see the love, our deep friendship, and understand that my love is longstanding.



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