Day 24 – Survival

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Survival -the state or fact of continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstances

241.jpgIf you look closely, you’ll spot viv in the middle of survival. That’s part of the Latin verb vivere, meaning “to live.” You might recognize it from words like vivid “lively” and vivacious “full of life.” Combine it with sur- (over) and you’ll grasp the essence of survival: to keep existing despite hardship.

242.jpgSurvival has become for some a mundane word – I made it through, I survived, oh I got through that – but with the previous paragraph, it is a verb – an active way of being – vivid, lively, full of life in Christ Jesus! It is not that we just made it through and look like we have come through a war torn country and were sustain by grasses and water – we have the blood of Jesus following through our veins. We get to be full of life – the viv and to do it over and over again – the sur. I think that is GREAT and POWERFUL NEWS.

While I am a fan of contemporary music, hymns are very important to me. Hymns tell scriptures and all verses should be sung as they feed one to another with the refrain tying it all together.

This one written in 1887 – gives us the words to sur ( over and over again) viv ( vividly being full of life ). This hymn actually is replicated of Numbers 21:8 – The reference is to the serpent who given the opportunity would not want you to be alive in Christ Jesus.

243.jpgI’ve a message from the Lord, hallelujah!
This message unto you I’ll give,
’Tis recorded in His word, hallelujah!
It is only that you “look and live.” Refrain:
“Look and live,” my brother, live,
Look to Jesus now, and live;
’Tis recorded in His word, hallelujah!
It is only that you “look and live.”

I’ve a message full of love, hallelujah!
A message, O my friend, for you,
’Tis a message from above, hallelujah!
Jesus said it, and I know ’tis true.
Life is offered unto you, hallelujah!
Eternal life thy soul shall have,
If you’ll only look to Him, hallelujah!
Look to Jesus who alone can save.
I will tell you how I came, hallelujah!
To Jesus when He made me whole—
’Twas believing on His name, hallelujah!
I trusted and He saved my soul.

Are you living or existing – Life is offered unto you – look and live. Blessings to you today


Rev. Jacki

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