Day 19 – I am Grateful

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iaskedHello all,

I am grateful! I want to share my gratitude today with and for the MPC Women and anyone else who is here with us or whom you share with. You all are EXCEPTIONAL WOMEN, COLLECTIVELY AND INDIVIDUALLY.

I read a post written by Jill Will on May 22, 2015, from where she shared my testimony and these words were written: ” Her testimony but really it is OURS for we are a family that prays together…and thank God!”

Yes, your testimony is OUR testimony, your struggles are OUR struggles, your victories are OUR victories. You are never ever alone.

Let me ask you something – as you have been on this journey, did you feel alone; like no one really would understand; have you had thoughts of mass destruction and then felt guilty; are you feeling guilty cause you have not let go of some things, because it hurts too much and has for so long?

You are never alone – you are never alone. If there are any intercessors out here today, I ask that you intercede on behalf of your sisters – and yourself. ( little secret – as an intercessor, I frequently neglect me)

Thank you Lord, as You bless me to spiritually mature and you are so real about my being a work in progress, because you allow me daily to be your clay – I thank you! My heart is glad ( even though tears my flow), when I can’t say a word of praise or gratitude, you reach within with the Holy Spirit to make intercession for me and I am grateful.

My sister – who ever you are, I feel you as I type this. While your heart is troubled, I am standing here for you – I understand! Details are not necessary, just know that God has spoken to me and please don’t let Go. I love you!

I dedicate this song to you today

and this one which is reference in the previous song:

Rev. Jacki

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