Day 16 – Another Fresh Start Monday

May 15th, 2016   •   no comments   

Father, It hurtsIt’s Fresh Start Monday!

You are created by God. As God’s magnificent gift, you are love, lovable and loving. Commit to that in your mind. Today erase anything else. The Holy Spirit is the magnet that will wipe away the old tapes.


Loved more than you knowI praise You, my Lord, I praise You! It’s praises for You continually being in my mouth that help me to not get it twisted for nothing about Life is ever about me or any one or any thing else-just & only about You! I do so praise You, God! I praise You that You bless us to be continually blessed because of who & how You always are: a praiseworthy God! Praise, You, God; praise You!


Rev. Jacki

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