Day 6 – Keep Your Peace

May 6th, 2016   •   no comments   

Promise YourselfDear Sisters,

How to rid of triggers is a question you may be asking from Saturday’s session- Start by not writing the end of the story! Only God knows the end – live in today only and for some, it will be second by second.

Drop your need for outcomes (writing the end of the story). Drop agendas. Drop your definitions. Drop SELF-CRITICISM. And Drop to your knees (physically or symbolically) with gratitude for the possibilities before you, already present and as sleek as panthers. Enter this given, holy moment and emerge into a God inspired future.

Reference for the panther – they are elusive animals, not caught up in the daily behavior of any other cat – they behave in a manner of grace and daily release from the past and live only in the day.

Rev. Jacki

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